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Our Farm

Our little farm is located in Alberta, Canada. We are a small scale operation, allowing us to focus on growing only the highest quality gourmet mushrooms. Growing mushrooms at our farm requires a sterile laboratory for creating mushroom spawn, a prep area for inoculating bulk substrates, and a separate grow room for maintaining the specific humidity and temperature levels required for mushrooms to fruit.

How We Grow Mushrooms

The process starts in our sterile lab where a tiny piece of mushroom culture is placed into a jar of sterilized rye grain. The mushroom culture will grow out through the grain to create what is called “spawn”. This spawn can then be added to either sterilized hardwood or pasteurized wheat straw. In a couple weeks, the mushrooms will take over their new substrate. At this time, they can be brought into the grow room. Here, high humidity and low temperatures cause the mushroom fruitbodies to form, creating the gourmet delights we can finally enjoy. The whole process takes about 6-8 weeks, depending on the species grown.

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