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    Explore the power of mushrooms


    Do you ever feel overwhelmed by choices these days? Way too many options for pretty much everything?

    I feel the same.

    That’s because nowadays, there are more options for consumers than ever before. Just type in any request on Amazon or Angie’s List- and I bet you’ll never even make it all the way to the last results page!

    For almost every conceivable need, there is a product or service that will fill that void. And sure… maybe for things like fixing a leaky tap, or choosing a new light bulb, it doesn’t really matter all that much.

    But what happens if your dog needs surgery? Or the plane you’re flying on needs some new landing gear?

    Well…. some things, things that are actually important are best left to the experts.

    I'm sure you'll agree, when quality matters- you want to best in the world. 

    I'm sure your wondering... how does this relate to our mushrooms?

    You see, at FreshCap, we know that the quality of what you put in your body matters... a heck of a lot. We wouldn't be happy unless we could be 100% proud of what’s in our products, and how they are produced.

    So, when deciding on where to grow our mushrooms, we wanted to seek out and partner with the world's leading experts in the production and extraction of medicinal mushrooms.

    We didn’t only want mushrooms that were good… we wanted the absolute best in the world.

    And that’s why we chose China.


    China has a long history with medicinal mushrooms. The use of medicinal mushrooms in China is not a trend or a fad, but a way of life… one that has been embraced for thousands of years.
    Originally, these medicinal mushrooms were only harvested from the wild. Reliable foraging spots were hard to come by, and their locations were closely guarded secrets. Because of this, most medicinal mushrooms were exceedingly rare… and exceedingly valuable.

    That was until the Chinese developed ingenious methods to mimic the natural environment of these mushrooms, so that they could reliably and efficiently be cultivated and become more widely available.

    In fact, even though they were pioneers in mushroom cultivation, China still produces the vast majority of the world’s mushrooms. Because of their incredible efficiency and expertise, nobody else in the world is better at producing the highest quality mushrooms at a price that makes it a reasonable choice for consumers.  

    Our partners, mushroom experts and researchers, have been working with Chinese cultivators for over twenty years. Their combined expertise and rich history ensures that our products provide the absolute highest quality, while still being reasonably priced.


    For some, the words “grown in China” might bring up images of smog filled cities, contaminated water sources and unscrupulous quality control.

    I’m here to tell you that this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    You see China is a huge country, (4th largest in the world!), and the vast majority of this amazing country bears no resemblance to the giant industrial cities that China is so famous for.

    FreshCap mushrooms are grown in select cultivation areas, deep in the mountains of China, and a world away from the industrial heartland. Here, we can give the mushrooms the care they need to thrive.

    They can be grown naturally and organically in green houses and shade houses, get constant fresh air, natural light and fresh water, and be grown without the use of any agricultural chemicals.

    Some of our mushrooms (Turkey Tail and Chaga), are actually still wild harvested from the forest. One of the reasons for this is that cultivation techniques for some mushrooms have still not been developed which can match the quality of wild grown. Again, the areas in which we harvest these mushrooms are deep in the forest and mountains of China, and far from sources of pollution.

    After our mushrooms are harvested, they go through an extraction process in order to pull out the beneficial compounds and make them bio available. Without this extraction process, the beneficial compounds would still be locked up in the cell walls of the mushroom. This is also done in China, in top notch organic GMP facilities, using water that has gone through ultra filtration processes.

    After extraction, the powders are sent to our facility in the USA, where they are blended, packaged and prepped for sale.

    But are the best conditions in the world enough to ensure the best quality mushrooms?

    Definitely not… and that’s why we go the extra step.


    Sure, you can get a good idea of the quality of our mushrooms as soon as you open a package. For anyone who is familiar with mushroom supplements, the smell, feel, and taste of our products tells most of the story.

    But how can you be sure?    

    In our opinion, the only way to ensure quality is though relentless testing and quality control measures.

    At FreshCap, we don’t take shortcuts. Every crop of mushrooms is analyzed before it leaves the facility in China. We run sensitive tests for trace amounts of heavy metals (Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic and Mercury), and ensure that levels are well below accepted standards according to FDA guidelines USP 232/233.

    We also check for any potential microbiological activity, like E.Coli, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus and moisture levels.

    Once our powders arrive in the USA, they go through another round of testing. We test each individual lot for microbes, metals, and positive product identification.

    After passing all the tests, the products are finally packaged in a USDA certified organic, GMP facility of the highest quality. Once packaging is complete, samples are again tested for metals and microbes, and are also tested for gluten.

    Only after all the tests are complete, are we happy to send the product out for sale.

    Isn’t all this testing expensive and unnecessary?

    Expensive, yes. Necessary? Maybe not… but we do it anyways to ensure only the highest quality product makes it out the door, and into the hands (and smoothies) of our wonderful customers.


    Of course, we also check for the actual concentration of beneficial compounds in the mushrooms extracts we produce.

    Believe it or not, you won’t see this kind of scientific verification on most US grown mushroom supplements- because the results aren’t likely to be positive.

    But…. since we use the whole fruiting body of the mushrooms (instead of just mycelium on grain), we can actually guarantee the potency of the extracts by measuring the beta-D-glucans.

    Each mushroom species naturally contains varying levels of beta-glucan, with Chaga typically being the lowest and Turkey Tail typically being the highest. We guarantee a minimum amount in the supplement facts table, which means that the actual amount could be higher, but definitely not less.

    We also measure the starch levels in the mushroom extract, and ensure it remains under 5 %. This is another hugely important measure for mushroom supplement quality that many manufacturers conveniently skip over.


    OK, so now you know why China is the best place in the world to grow mushrooms for supplementation.

    But wouldn’t it just be easier to grow in the USA?

    For anyone who grows medicinal mushrooms, that is a loaded question.
    You see, many people might buy mushroom supplement that says “USA grown” and think that, by extension, it’s of superior quality. Unfortunately this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Most of the time, mushroom supplements from US grown mushrooms aren’t really even mushrooms at all.

    This is because growing medicinal mushrooms in the USA is expensive. In fact, it’s so expensive that there is now way to economically produce real fruiting bodies of mushrooms for the purposes of supplementation.

    So instead, US producers often cheat.

    Instead growing the mushroom, they grow the “mycelium” of the mushroom on grain, typically rye sorghum, millet, or brown rice.

    This mycelium can almost be thought of as the “roots” of the mushroom, which happily expands through the grain, eventually taking over. In a mushroom farm, this grain would be added to another substrate (like straw of hardwood) to grow the actual mushroom.

    To make a supplement, these “mycelium on grain” producers simply grind up the myceliated grain and sell it as the actual mushroom. That is why if you check the supplement facts you will often see “brown rice” or similar.

    This is much, much cheaper to do, and allows these MOG products to compete with the far superior Chinese mushroom products.

    The problem, you have no way of knowing what the actual concentration of beneficial compounds is in the supplement. Many studies have shown that the mycelium on grain products are mostly comprised of starch (from the grain) and contain very little of the beneficial compounds.

    Basically, they are a big waste of money- and you should check for this before you buy your next supplement.


    At FreshCap, we're all in- 100% commited to providing you with only the very best mushroom products avaiable.

    And that's why we chose to partner with out chinese mushroom growers. We stand behind them 100%, knowing that they are the standard- producing the highest quality mushrooms in the world.

    Because of this, we are able to provide you with the best mushroom supplements, made from real mushroom fruiting bodies, and analytically tested for safety and quality.

    If you have any questions at all about any of our mushroom products, don't hesistate to contact us directly. We love to hear from you!